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Our project is Free (as in Freedom) and Open source. You can contribute any way you want and can. Below are some ideas and ways to help... or join us!


Our goal is to give the possibility for those – whether they be individuals, associations or institutions - who want to lend their books, music or other documents in a more established way to create their own library (organizing the documents, managing the loans…) and share it in a simple manner.

We would like the knowledge, experiences and singular interests contained in each of our individual shelves to meet, be exchanged and discussed.

Where public libraries propose for all of us a common choice, we would like each of us to put in common our choices.

Free as Freedom

Self Shelf Swap is made with free software only. All the source code is available for download, sharing and hacking at Launchpad. Feel free to report a bug or see what we are going to do next...

Help Us or even more ... Join Us

First thing to help us, is to create your library or borrow books. By doing this, and reporting bugs and feature requests, you help us to improve this service.

Anything that can be better explained or more user friendly can be reported.

A special page has been created for people who just created their library and want to speak about how they feel.

Then, we are for now a very small team and any participation is welcome! We have listed a few competences that can be very useful but any person who think he can help improve this project is welcomed.

A few links to guide your desire to help or follow us:

We regularly organize events to push the project and so everyone can meet each other in person...

SelfShelfSwap Wiki

We created a wiki as a common working space.

If you are interested in the project, you are welcome to read, comment, open discussions...

Head to our wiki

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