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Self Shelf Swap

What the hell is Self Shelf Swap ?

The Self Shelf Swap mandate is to create a network of individual micro-libraries available to everyone from a common shared catalogue - centralized on the Internet.

Who is working in this sssh...t

For now we are few workers and co-workers. We organized different way to be part of Self Shelf Swap.

The main team

The librarians

You can have a look at the page micro-libraries for more information on each micro-library.

The close co-workers of the project

  • Sydney Hart.
  • Cristophe Lau.
  • Yéyé Toon

Can I give my books to Self Shelf Swap?

Self Shelf Swap has no room for book yet. But you can be in contact with all the different private micro-libraries working with us, we are sure some of them will be happy to take care of your books. If you want their contact, go to the page micro-libraries.

Do you have a dictionary about the vocabulary that you use?

Wikipedia does it really well, if there are words or concepts that are not clear wikipedia is a good place to learn. There is nothing like this on our wiki yet, but if there are things not clear enough or that should be changed, you can contact us or register and do the changes.

How does it work

you can read here

Create your own Micro-library

How can I create my own micro-library ?

We have done a manual for our first version known as a dime and a shoe string. You can go to read it and follow the steps. Have fun.

I've created a list on open library but nothing happens: what should I do now?

We are still developing the project and we are at the begining. For now you need to send to us :

  • the name of your Open LIbrary Username,
  • a contact (an email, a website if you have one),
  • the city's area name where your micro-library will be located
  • and few lines about your Micro-library ( a main interest, some tags, themes...)

You can send all this by using our form, or to selfshelfswap at gmail dot com

We will then create your own Micro-library!


How to contact the micro-libraries?

You can find them on the page micro-libraries. To know who they are, where they are and what is their book collection go on the web page of Self Shelf Swap and click on micro-libraries page. In general the best way to know the exact address or to organize a meeting with a library, is to contact them with their email address. You'll have all the micro-library's information on the links above.

How can I contact Self Shelf Swap ?

Please use this form to send a mail.

Real life

I'm a librarian, do I have to receive people directly in my house?

You do as you want, for example sometimes it's better to propose for the first time to meet in a bar or a public library or somewhere you feel confident. It's not necessary to open your house to everybody, just if you want.

Why isn't there the libraries exact mail address ?

We want as much as possible to protect the right of privacy for the librarian, if they don't want to tell exactly where they are we won't force them. Almost all the libraries are situated in private houses so it can be better to not give the address right away. With our map you can have an idea of the area and then contact the library to organise a meeting.

I'm a developper, how can I help?

If you want to give a technical support to us, please, check our Launchpad account.

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