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We are for now a small team and any participation is very welcome!

A first thing you can do to help is to create your micro-library and/or borrow books, a project's existence and development depends first of its number of users! By reporting bugs and feature requests, you will help us a lot to improve it.

You can also speak about your own experience of Self Shelf Swap in the Librarian corner.

Another simple way to help is to tell us what you think about the website or the wiki. Is it clear? Do you think something is missing, or could be presented in another way? Just send us an email or use our form.

If you want to directly contribute to the project, here is a list of competences we need:

  • Translators/ english speakers: As you can see, our english isn't perfect at all... We do need help to correct the wiki and to translate the website texts. Any mistake notice is welcomed! You don't even need to contact us to correct a typo, just create an account and make the change.
  • Perl/ Python developers: For now our dear developer is mainly by himself to develop the all project... please, help him!
    Check out the Developers corner.
  • In charge of communication: To diffuse the project and find subsidies. It's easier to work or with few money or with lots of keen users... both would be wonderful!
    • somebody to help us with the Social Networks (Reddit, FCBK, Twitter, etc)

If you think you can help, please contact us!

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