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One of the principal base of the project is an already existing Internet website called Open Library - an important data-base created from individual participation, sort of a Wikipedia for books. We use it as a tool to catalogue books and create lists.

To borrow a book or / and create your own Micro-library, you will have to register and create an account.

With the search engine of the common catalogue, anyone will be able to consult the all data-base of the Self Shelf Swap Micro-libraries. On clicking on the book you will know where to find it, if it is available. If you want to borrow it you will then access to the owner's contact.

Each Micro-library has its own page with a small presentation text, its catalogue divided in several "shelfs" (corresponding to the specific Micro-librarian's organisation choice - by theme, gender...), and the tools to manage the micro-library - which books are out, who have them, until when ...

Each Micro-library catalogue will also be individually available to consultation.

Self Shelf Swap would like the knowledge, experiences and singular interests contained in each of our individual shelves to meet, be exchanged and discussed. Where public libraries propose for all of us a common choice ( and they are very important too), we would like each of us to put in common our singular choices. We believe that behind a book swap, thoughts, encounter, new places and people discovery will take place. We also think and experiment ourselves that organizing your own library can be a interesting way to rediscover yourself.

Mind map of the website

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