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Here are some of your comments, impressions about your own Self Shelf Swap's experience, thank you!


Steam Ship Library

1st step

Our book are in the shelves and we tried to organized them by theme.

  • Monographie / Catalogues / histoire de l'art / Éditions limitées & éditions d'artistes / Art théorie / Magazines & presses / Humain / Politique / Poésie / Littérature / Virtuel & nouveaux média / Musique & son / C.O.R / Santé / Langues & dictionnaires.

We'll have certainly to create new space or move books from a shelve to an other, but for now that is our theme organization.

our micro-library itself : image : 01SteamShipLibrary_thebookshelves_15012012.JPG

2sc step

The paper system is on, now it's easy to borrow books. To see our collection go there : We are using a folder with two sheet of paper one for the borrowers and one where is written the book, the borrower's name and the day. Image:Folder SSL.JPG

Carle Colline

New book arrived in my shelf. It's from San Francisco. Make Your Own Museum is a book that tell how to reconstruct contemporary art, with art pieces from Dan Flavin, Robert Smithson, Walker Evans, Felix Gonzales-Torres.

For now my library is just a shelf on my desk... easy to organize but I already be able to separate two different categories :

  • How to / documentation on the works & the artist.

I think I'll follow the example from MYOM to publish new small books to tell how to reconstruct contemporary art.


Urban Ecology Centre Library

1st Step

Workshop n°1 06/04/2012 imagine and build the space library shelves. We decided to do a share space for books and plants. Our choice of plants will go to the one that help to rid of pollution in the house.

  • ex : Chrysanthemum ; Dracaena ; Ivy ; Boston fern (Nephrolepsis Exaltata) ; Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens) ; Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum) ; English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

It's not proven that all are really efficient but we are looking to find the good ones. Soon the list of the ones chosen.

Image:WorkshopSSS CEU 06042012 01.JPG


He said: Shelf Shelf Swap it is finally only permutations of decentralized virtual shelves of real books for united micro-libraries and agreeing micro-librarians.
Tonton Yéyé, Serious Works CEO and co-foundator of etyssa

Maybe the shape for the library... image : Yeye metting with kitty01.jpg

It just need a bit of work and soon a cutecat as bookshelf.

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