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Here are the first Self Shelf Swap micro-libraries!
If you want to create your own your are very welcomed, please follow the steps of How to create your Micro-library.
If you already have a micro-library and want to edit your section, log in ( top left corner) or create an account (as a librarian you should have one). Check the wiki syntax help if you need. You can also access to your personal wiki-page and manage your micro-library.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or problem.


The Stag

Location : Vancouver,Bc, Canada.

Description : The STAG Library

A semi-public, semi-private lending and reference library run out of The Strathcona Art Gallery, a micro-gallery run out of the Strathcona home of Aja Rose Bond and Gabriel Saloman. The library contains a variety of printed matter and audio available for lending and reference, including thousands of books, magazines, zines, comics, pdfs, cassettes, cds and vinyl records. The library maintains regular open hours on Sundays from noon to five and hosts occasional events each month.

The STAG also offers a publication residency to facilitate research, composition and development of printed matter by artists, writers and others.

We encourage inquiries and visits.

Website :

Contact : diademdiscos ut gmail dut com

The place : 826 East Pender Street, Vancouver BC, V6A 1W1

Open to the public: visit us SUNDAYS, Noon-5pm.

link to their micro-library

Link to the Stag Library Manual to help them list their books: How to participate to the STAG library

Link to the the stag / Vancouver.


Location : Where Gill and his bibliobus/book mobile will be! Soon you'll be able to follow him and know where he stops by.

Description : A Bibliobus = Book mobile, oh yeah!!! the first one working with SSS. A wild collection of free-thinkings books just for the pleasure.

Contact : soon.


location : Bagneux, south of Paris, France.

Description : this is a private library.

Contact : laure DUT babiker HAT gmail DUT com If you want to know where they are in Paris and come to visit, use this email address.

the link to the micro-library

Simon Foutaiz

Location : Bagneux,Paris.

Description : This is a private library located in the near south of Paris. I like both litterature, art, underground comics and computers, so my library is a little bit weird. I got a good collection of LPs too (but it's not allowed by the Self Shelf Swap system yet). I'm the guy who makes the technical stuff for this web site, so it can be very interresting to meet future contributors.

Contact : seb DUT feugere HAT gmail DUT com If you want to know where he is in Paris and come to visit, use this email address. Or if you want to be a future contributor...

The link to the micro-library

Carle Colline Collection

Location : Schaarbeek, Brussels.

Description : The Carle Colline Collection is about art and reproducibility in art. Carle decided to lend a part of his books and try to open more is collection to every body.

Contact : carle dit colline it gmail dit com If you want to know where he is in Brussels and come to visit, use this email address.

The link to his experiences

The link to the micro-library

The link to The Carle Colline Collection


Location : France.

Description : Test of S3

Contact : dhinaghena hat yahoo dot fr If you want to know where he is in France and come to visit, use this email address.

A link that is not a library but what he does

The lint to micro-library

Steam Ship Library

Location : Schaarbeek, Brussels, Belgium.

Description : The Steam Ship Library is a little library placed under the roof of an old house. Our collection is made from our interests in art, philosophy, politics, computer, multimedia, sound, etc.

Contact : steamshiplibrary at gmail dot com if you want to come visit, use this email address.

The lint to the micro-library

The link to their experiences

Urban Ecology Centre Library

Location : 789 chaussée de Waterloo B-1180 BRUXELLES

Description :

Contact :

The link to their experiences

The lint to Urban Ecology Centre

Yéyé Toon Library

Location : France

Description : Some inspirations from theorical and practical sources. About society, imagination, alternative ways of thinking, earthy relationship, poetry.

Contact :jegrandis HAT gmail DUT com

The lint to micro-library

The link to his experiences

The link to libraries experiences

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