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Technology watch

Collaborative and approaching watch

Book Swapping on Wikipedia

A definition about book swapping concept (with or without websites) with links to very interesting projects

Nationale bibliothek van Netherland

They extend their own catalog using the individual/privates shelves. Seems a very-very interesting project. Nationale bibliothek van Netherland catalog

Physibles category on the Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay allow the search of 3d printed physibles

  • A lobbying system: "Unglue.It is a service provided by Gluejar, Inc. It's a place for individuals and institutions to join together to liberate specific ebooks and other types of digital content by paying rights holders to relicense their works under Creative Commons licenses."


The Guardian Book Swap Initiative

The Book Swap is a fascinating idea because you might get a book placed in your hands invisibly, out of nowhere. I've chosen Tolstoy's novella Hadji Murad partly because it is a work of authentic genius, and it's relatively short. I envy the person who finds it and reads it for the first time.

Different ways to swap your books

Way of sharing your shelf (scientist way)

Another way of sharing your shelf (busine$$ way)

Some shelving of virtual stores ... Has nothing to do with Bibliothek, except that it deals with shelves.


  • Virtual Shelf
    • Our design aims to integrate and capitalize on some of the strengths of both physical and digital information systems. We have created an interface that allows users to view library collections as books displayed on a virtual bookshelf interface. The system goes beyond this by allowing users to create custom book shelves to save and share with others, export in different data formats, and work on these collections collaboratively. Search results can also be visualized as bookshelves and users can take advantage of the digital environment to re-order and re-organize the virtual shelves however they see fit.
    • Consult the thesis report, very instructive.
  • The Rural Design Collective, interesting, groups libraries and artists. Fortunately for us, their thing is the e-Book!

Software bricks

  • Slidematch Tool that would allow us to "note" users

Related projects to study

  • Library Thing is a bookshelves social network
  • Related projects / softwares found on Launchpad in order of similarity to Bibliothek Project:
    • Kirbi Collective Library Manager is a web application to allow anyone to turn their personal book collection into a lending library, making book sharing among friends and colleagues easier and safer, does not seem very active for some time (2007), but the idea is similar to ours... Developed in Python.
    • My Shared Library Web application permitting to share media (books, CDs, DVDs, comics ...) with friends and family so they know what they can lent. Developped in PHP, ongoing (experimental), active.
    • Open Library, the famous...
    • Greenstone, works for the Institutions
    • Alexandria, is a GNOME application for managing book collections Alexandria is a program for organising collections of books. The program retrieves and displays books information and cover art from several online libraries and bookstores. Books may be added/updated by hand, searched by multiple criteria (EAN, ISBN, title, authors or keyword). Desktop application so, for GNU / Linux only, but could be forked for our client application. Available in packages GNU / Linux, Gnome running only, stable. official website. Written in Ruby.
    • Library Open is An open source solution for small or independent Libraries to maintain users, checkouts, and books. This program will provide an open source library program for managing checkouts, library members, and books. Development will be in python, and Tkinter, storing and retrieving data to MySQL. Doesn't look very active.
    • Home Library System : Used to manage your books at home (simple transposition of the shelf in the PC, no collaboration) does not look very active, the guy is almost alone but looks to be developing. Developed in Python.
    • Calibre Client application to classify your e-books and transferring them to your book reader (similar to iTunes for iPod © ©). Application multi-OS (Linux, Mac & PC). The project is active and we can find the package in Ubuntu. I'm not a fan, but it is portable across different OSes.
  • FilmsKollection is a desktop application to manage your pirate films collection

Asmaa the consultant advises

Read the advises.

Projects using Koha

Artists books collections

Sans Niveau Ni Mètre : Cabinet du Livre d'Artiste

Book Shelf Collection as an artwork

An Indian Self Shelf Swap | Not free as in freedom, nor as free beer.

Open Library Community Page

Hacker Shelf

Portail des échanges non-marchands

Libramatic Really looks like very close to SSS but not free software, not free to use

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