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S. & S. proposition - January 2011

We started with Open Library, and Database. Each entity registering will have the option to register under any other name.

Meta-Reaction de S.

I confess I don't like at all Data-Base. I think it is not self informing. The project is not a thing of development of a database, it is a database made up of books and other documents and libraries. We don't understand where we are; sounds a bit technical - or like a pun, an acronym:

  • Direct Accident Anonymous Trouble with Your Books Arrived to Semantic Explain (whatever ...)

So I propose things self-recursive, and that's why I was talking about meta-library:


Preferably short names, which are reminiscent of something that already exists. It has to talk about books, library:

  • POL : Peoples Open Library (refers to the "P2P" people-to-people principle)
  • PML : Peoples Meta Library

About Meta, Wikipedia says:

Meta is a prefix that comes from the Greek meta (after, beyond, with). It expresses at the same time, reflection, change, succession, the act of going beyond, beside, between or with.

meta also means about as in metalinguistic designating the language lexicon.

meta is often used in scientific vocabulary to indicate self-reference (reflection):

  • métalangage : system or language for describing other languages ;
  • métabook : book about a book ;
  • métadocumentation : documentation on documentation.

meta is also often used in science to denote a higher level of abstraction, a model. Example: A Metadata is data about data.

I do really like this idea, as if our meta-library was a group of libraries that make possible the constitution of a library.

S&S&S first agreement - February 2011

For now we choose to name the project Bibliothek. On launchpad we use the name Bibliothek Project. Libraries that will be created on our platform will be called micro-bibliothek.

Projet name finalisation - March 2011

Self Shelf Swap is the name chosen. How we arrived to this choice... :

CosmosCommonsCollectiveCollections "Organic" Library, we must be able to incorporate all kinds of documents. We propose a library of private libraries we provide a structure of private resources . Self Shelf Services Self Shelf

  • Sebastien / Sarah / Sylvain :
    • BaRaVa
    • RaVaBa
    • Ra...
  • "Si c'est çà" :
    • SySeSa
    • SeSySa
    • SaSeSy
    • SaSySe
    • SySaSe
  • Self Shelf
    • Self Shelf Swat (Special Weapons And Tactics)
    • Self Shelf Swap: the library constitutes itself because of the libraries
      • Damn this is great, WE KEEP IT !!!!
      • What does Gabriel think about it ?
-sylvain daval: hey Gab!
-Gabriel Saloman: Hey Sylvain!
-sylvain daval: what do you think about Self Shelf Swap
-Gabriel Saloman: ????
-Gabriel Saloman: WHat is
-sylvain daval: it could be the name for the library
-Gabriel Saloman: ?
-Gabriel Saloman: Ahhhh....
-sylvain daval: library project
-Gabriel Saloman: Hmmm..
-Gabriel Saloman:  I like it.
-sylvain daval: We are doing a meeting with our friend in france
-Gabriel Saloman: Ah.
-Gabriel Saloman: I think it is nice in English...
-Gabriel Saloman: it flows well and makes sense.
-Gabriel Saloman: It is not too serious, but not silly either.
-Gabriel Saloman: Is it your idea?
-sylvain daval: yes!
-Gabriel Saloman: Tre bien
-sylvain daval: thanks for your feedback
-sylvain daval: it is also the 3 S Sylain, Sarah, Sebastien...
-Gabriel Saloman: ahhhhh...
-Gabriel Saloman:  well done.
-Gabriel Saloman: How are things in Vancouver?
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