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Welcome to the Self Shelf Swap's Community Wiki


Create your own library and share your books in a simple manner.
This wiki is a presentation of the project and our research. The website that host the project itself is under development.

What is Self Shelf Swap?

Self Shelf Swap's goal is to support a network of individual or small institutions libraries, in allowing anyone to create and manage his own library, and to borrow books from a common catalogue.
Our goal is to create a simple library managing system to organize your "Micro-library" and an online index that gives information about registered documents. You will be able to know where documents are physically based and their availability, and create your Micro-library DataBase and share it with other users.
We wish first to begin the project with books, but our aim is to extend it to other documents like music, films or limited editions and in a final stage to objects (artworks).

To know more...

Self Shelf Swap produces free software projects under both the GNU General Public License and the Artistic License.

What's new?

Create your Micro-library

  • Follow the manual
    •  ! Our project is still in development and this manual is a "Dime and a shoe string" manual corresponding to our first version
  • Check out the already existing Micro-libraries
  • Manage your Micro-library
  • Being a micro-librarian can be an experience! if you want to share it or consult what has been said about, discover the Librarians corner
  • Have some questions?

Developers corner

Self Shelf Swap is also a development community that you can join.
You can find this community into the Shurf developers corner.
The Developers Corner and Documentation contains various information relative to development: Howtos, work in progress, ...

Help the project

You can find how you can help and participate to the Self Shelf Swap project, being a programmer or not.

Follow us

Contact us

For any information, proposition or question about the project :


  • contact the team: selfshelfswap at gmail dot com
  • contact Sarah at: infofordatabase at gmail dot com
  • contact Sylvain at: sylvain dot daval at gmail dot com

For any information, proposition or question about the technique

  • contact Smonff at: smonff at gmail dot com

You can also check our Launchpad account

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